wont you remember me this way: bright and strange against everything else… like blood on snow…

The Poetry of Sarah Jean Simmons

koi fin

everything still happens

under ice


Left Unsaid, Right Undone

Cat is long gone

Mouth empty as an  alleyway

Long live the silence between our bodies

Long live the cowardice in guts between the grains

Eyes to the floor shuddering

Like fresh eggs in a pan

eight words about city life

the buildings are teeth

i stand on gum

chapter 30

The things I want for you

The roads that I cut into the pine night with my teeth and dream bodies

The stars I shouldered through infinite feverish lives

The push and pull of my tongue against the lyrics of every song sung for you

the body breaking into sorrow and crows foot

and you will say I am old as Wisconsin summer

and you will leave me to find the other side of the ocean

The ocean I rang from my hair for you

and you will stay there saying “love” to lighter versions of our previous selves.

tuesday obscura

barefoot in a red coat

i lean long into the counter

taking in coffee and the sound of garbage trucks

there is no telling

…like weather

and flight delays.


forgiveness, fear, grace, sorrow, bravery, change, time, letting go.

to open the doors between us

or to close them…